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Testing and Fabrication

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We offer training and certification for Lean Six Sigma Green Belts, Black Belts, and Master Black Belts.

Our courses cover the entire gamut of textile processing from fiber to finished fabric.

A turquoise carpet became Alex Djuric’s white whale. Eight years ago, he and his wife, Cristine, inherited his father-in-law’s 1967 Mercedes-Benz 250SL convertible. He worked to restore it to mint condition and was able to repair or replace every part of the classic car except one; although he chased down every lead, he could not find a match for the vehicle’s unusual blue carpeting.

He contacted more than 30 vendors in search of the carpet but had no luck. Eventually, a supplier told him that all of the remaining carpet had been stored on the floor of a German warehouse near a riverbank; unfortunately, after a period of heavy rains, floodwaters breached the warehouse and the carpet was destroyed.

Djuric was disappointed, but determined to find his match — so he switched tactics. He retrieved a small patch of nearly mint condition carpet from underneath the seat frame and set about trying to find a supplier who could dye a roll of white woolen carpet to the shade he needed. But again, his search was fruitless.

He sought the advice of a carpet dye manufacturer, who suggested he contact Dr. Renzo Shamey at the College of Textiles. Shamey recommended Djuric reach out to Jeffrey Krauss , Pilot Laboratory manager for the air jordan 12 flu game fake and real XylOqsTeA
(ZTE), which offers prototyping and pilot production through its five laboratories at the College. Read more.

If your work involves the production or testing of high-performance athletic apparel and/or advanced garment systems for the military and first responders, you won’t want to missClothing Comfort and Protection Science, a three-day course taughtby experts at the world-renowned Textile Protection and Comfort Center (TPACC) at the College of Textiles at NC State University. The course will be held April 30 to May 2. air jordans 29 year of the goat soundwave

Zeis Textiles Extension for Economic Development, known familiarly as Zeis Textiles Extension or ZTE, provides training and certification in textiles and Lean Six Sigma , and serves the textile industry’s prototyping and pilot production needs in its five laboratories – spun yarn, knitting, weaving, dyeing and finishing, and physical testing.

She's featured on Total Retail and the Return Path blog .

Guy Hanson Senior Director, International Consulting | UK

Guy Hanson

Guy works with a range of clients across five continents to improve their email delivery, subscriber engagement, and revenue generated. With over 15 years of experience, he is a global e-mail expert.

Check out his blog posts .

Our custom solutions are designed to take our clients’ email programs to the next level. Whether we’re providing additional visibility, fine-tuning the program, or assisting in a complete overhaul, our insights and recommendations are digestible, practical and crafted for marketers to act upon.

Our projects cover all-things-email, including:

For clients who have a service deliverability package with us, you can add an Email Strategist to your account team to provide you with additional analytic insights and strategic guidance - all customized to the needs of your email program.

Available to anyone, our Professional Services team provides numerous projects that offer deep-dive solutions designed to address a specific concern or area of optimization.

"Return Path came highly recommended and did not disappoint. We were given a comprehensive analysis of our templates in a tangible and easy to implement manner. They provided a list of short and long term solutions to take our program to the next level."

Chris Norton


Our Consulting Team can regularly be found sharing new and innovative email knowledge at industry events. Whether they are consulting during a 1:1 coaching clinic, hosting roundtables, giving presentations on our latest research and products, or taking in the latest industry news, they are always on the the front lines of all things email.

If you have questions or to speak with Return Path Client Services, please call 1-866-362-4577, or air jordan future low white womens nike shoes
. For international inquiries please contact one of our Global Offices .

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